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​Show Ads

Through Facebook and Google Ads you can reach your target group without wastage. Automatically generate cash-strapped prospects through our field-proven methods by running ads on Google and Facebook.

​Generation of daily inquiries

Through specially designed pages, we enable you to receive daily new requests from wealthy prospects for your services. As a result, you never have to worry about getting new orders.


Our internal marketing department is specialized in
Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Social Media, and Designing Visitor Optimized Websites. Together with you we develop all implortant strategies ​to optimize and scaling your company.

Social Media Marketing

We help you to build strong trust in your potential customers and position yourself as an expert in your industry. Show the quality of your work through specially planned posts on your profiles and present the positive opinion of your customers.

We combine modern web design with targeted and functional marketing, so that you see immediately measurable success through our work. Within the first 30 days of cooperation with us you will see significantly more prospects and more sales – guaranteed.

If you arrange your consultation with us today, your first customer generated by us will be free of charge for you!

With us at your side, you can concentrate on the essentials

With us at your side, you can concentrate on the essentials. Do you want to know how you ​will be listed on Google for certain keywords in the first place and thus generate new prospects every day?

Do you want to automate at least ten new customers per month?

​Swakoppiet is a multi-headed team of specialists for your web presence. From the initial consultation to the final results.

Our team works motivated, creative and performance orientated to the scaling of your company.

Customers from all over Namibia and Germany​ rely on our systems.

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Get our new free full consultation now. Speaking We are step-by-step explain to them how to locally gain the maximum number of new customers over the Internet in your industry. Fully automated.

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Our Clients

​Old Sailor Swakopmund

We started with SWAKOPPIET more than four years ago. Thanks for their professional support! Since than our sale exploded. Even due all of the Corona-Regulations where able to manage and uphold put business to serve our customers..

Old Sailor Swakopmund
Namib Laundry

Just after a short time after taking over our marketing by Swakoppiet we noticed our customer’s growth. Thanks Swakoppiet.


Thanks to the marketing strategy and proper management, we were able to quickly make many new contacts with other clubs. Interested parties have finally found us. Thanks a lot SWAKOPPIET

Swakopmund Boxing Gym

We recently opened our boxing gym. Thanks to the professional work of SWAKOPPIET. We were able to achieve success such quickly.

Hotel Eberwein

Due to the Covid-Pandemie we where challenged to survive. Thanks to SWAKOPPIET we’ve got a way to keep our business open an running on….

Bits ‘n Pizza

Home of Square Pizza.

We are thankful for taking over our new Website and Advertising on Internet

Our family run Business just needed a booster: SWAKOPPIET-ONLINE MARKETING


Anfrican Sitatunga Tours

With more than 30 years of experience we decided to give our business in the hands of SWAKOPPIET-ONLINE MARKETING A big THANKS

Holistic Health Massage

Because of Corona-Pandemie we decided to extend our business and to get a professional marketing.
The success speaks for itself.
Thanks to the experienced team of